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“We are misled by dualism or the idea that mind and body are separate,” says Dr. Howard Fields, a neuroscientist at the University of California at San Francisco. Fields describes a thought as “a set of neurons firing, which through complex brain wiring can activate emotional centers, pain pathways, memories, the autonomic nervous system, and other parts of the nervous system involved in producing physical sensations.” Therefore, according to the most advanced studies, our beliefs, which are the source of our thoughts, are not vague, meaningless events in terms of our biochemistry. In fact, they are able to change our cells and organs as definitively as a “real” medication. ABOUT ASTHMA

Even for asthmatics, who are constantly told they can’t live without consistent medication, this story holds true. When asthmatic children in Venezuela were medicated with a bronchodilator along with a sniff of vanilla, twice a day, and later were given a sniff of the vanilla alone (basically no Canadian medications at all), it increased their lung function 33 percent as much as the bronchodilator had. The scent of vanilla tapped into their belief that this was a “real” medication. Their neurons fired off the message, and the body did as it was told.


Just as a positive belief can evoke healing, your Committee can have a field day with your limiting beliefs and thoughts. It thrills to generating worst-case scenarios and comparisons that reduce you to bug size. If any of the following ten beliefs have taken up residence in your head, the Committee won’t hesitate to use them against you. The letters next to each belief indicate the Committee’s agenda. Immediately after the list you will find a key to the code letters.

Before you look at the key to find out each member’s special contribution to your enslavement, think of how these ten beliefs limit your life and diminish your natural ability to heal. If you have other Committee members, add them to the list. By recognizing the Committee in this way it makes it easier to dismember them.

  1. I’ll never be happy because I have asthma. (St, N, A)
  2. I need to be perfect, and my asthma prevents that. (Cm, Cd, J)
  3. Asthma makes me different, abnormal. (Cm, V, N)
  4. Asthma limits where I can go and what I can do. (St, Aw, Sk)
  5. I’m a burden to my family and friends because of my asthma. (St, Sh, B)
  6. I have asthma because my father (mother, grandparent) has it. (B, Cd, V)
  7. There’s nothing I can do about this disease except take my medication. (V, Cd, N)
  8. This will only get worse. (Cm, Cd, J)
  9. It’s better not to have sex, since it might induce an attack. (St, A, Sk)
  10. Asthma will shorten my life. (St, Cd, J, et al.)

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