A Simple and Effective Way to Get Rid of Asthma Symptoms

With over 360 million people worldwide struggling to catch a breath on a regular basis, asthma is definitely amongst the most dangerous diseases in the history of humanity. Asthma becomes more and more frequent not only due to the growth of population and relative increase of such medical cases but also due to even decreasing quality of atmosphere.

Ventolin HFA

It is believed that asthma is caused by primarily two factors: genetics and environment. The former is pretty much self-explanatory. Some people inherit disease carrying genomes from their parents or suffer from a sudden unexpected genetic mutation. The latter is a much more concerning issue with far more disturbing consequences. An overabundance of allergens, heavy smog like in London or Los Angeles, overly dry or moist air, and many other environmental factors may cause asthma. The real problem with the disease is that there is no cure for it. We do not know exactly how and what causes the diseases and can only make assumptions. We also do not fully understand the underlying mechanics of the disease and thus do not know how to cure it.

All patients diagnosed with asthma have to rely on drugs that help to relief symptoms. Due to the incurable nature of the disease, the availability of such drugs is just as important as the availability of insulin for diabetic patients. Not only the accessibility and affordability of such drugs count but also their effectiveness. One of the simplest yet efficient medications for asthmatics is Ventolin HFA.

This drug has been around for over half a century and earned a very respectable reputation amongst medics. Today, millions of people all over the world rely on this drug to control their symptoms and avoid life threatening fits of asthma. Without this drug, ill people start coughing, struggling to breath, and may even die.

The impact of Ventolin HFA

Asthma has been known to humanity for thousands of years with first descriptions coming from ancient epochs. However, we did not have an effective treatment and had to give up millions of lives until John Mudge from England invented the first ever inhaler in 1778. First more or less effective mixtures and evaporating compounds for inhaling were invented in the beginning of the 18th century. In the first decade of the following century, we learned how to deliver vapors and mixtures directly to lungs in a very efficient manner. However, we still lacked truly effective medications that could be administrated in a newly invented method.

In order to understand how important Ventolin HFA/Salbutamol is, we need to start the discussion from the discovery of beta2 antagonists that happened in 1940. The very first beta2 antagonist was named isoproterenol. Roughly 20 years later, a group of British scientists found an even more effective compound and called it Salbutamol. It was one of the most efficient and yet safe for usage beta2 antagonists.

The official name of the compound in the core of the drug is Salbutamol or Albuterol. Initially developed in 1967, the medication quickly made its way to the plead of top selling drugs. The drug was extremely popular in England for several decades and soon arrived to USA and was approved by FDA. The drug belongs to the WHO list of essential medicines meaning that it is a safe and efficient drug that should be available to all people in the world.

Salbutamol exists in the American market for over 3 decades. It was initially introduced to the country in 1982 and quickly became one of the most frequently prescribed drugs against asthma symptoms. The medication held its crown of the best drug ever since. It is available in more than a hundred of forms and brands as a very well selling generic medication produced in many corners of the world. The drug helped millions of people all over the world mainly due to its accessibility and affordability. The price of a typical inhaler varies from $1 to $2.7 depending on the country. The drug generates over 750 thousand dollars in sales annually in America only.

Tens of millions of prescriptions for Ventolin are issued yearly by medics all across the globe and nearly 60% of all asthma patients depend on Ventolin or purchase it as an alternative to their main symptom relieving drug occasionally.

Why is Ventolin so Good?

The main factor that makes this drug as effective and frequently used as it is its safety. The medication barely interacts with other prescription drugs and can be taken with many drugs without consultations with a specialist. While we still strongly recommend you to talk to your doctor and tell him which Rx drugs you are using before asking for a prescription for Ventolin, it is widely accepted in the scientific community that Salbutamol is a very reliable and safe to use drug.

The list of adverse effects is relatively short which is an even greater surprise if you take into consideration the period it has been in the market. For 50 years we did not discover overly concerning side effects that could potentially prevent medics from prescribing the drug in the vast majority of cases. Common adverse effects include minor tremors, rare cases of anxiety, headaches, cramps, and seldom palpitation. In extremely rare cases, the heart rate may be affected and trigger tachycardia, arrhythmia, ischemia. It is possible that the drug also has something to do with sleep disorders.

The most important side effects are related to allergies which are mostly issues on the genetic level. In fact, allergies occur very rarely. However, if you experience hypotension, hives, intense bronchospasms, and other possible manifestations of an allergic reaction, immediately seek for medical attention. The allergies are rare but medics say they must be taken seriously.

Conclusion and Where to Buy Ventolin

People with asthma need the most effective drugs out there and they should come at a low price. HealthCare Family Pharmacy offer a wide choice of generic Ventolin HFA drugs. You can find some of the finest options in the market and purchase them at a very low attractive price.

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