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The pathologic and radiologic spectrum of ILD

The pathologic and radiologic spectrum of ILD associated with Ig deficiency is remarkably wide. This is reminiscent of collagen vascular diseases, in which the same disease and the same immune abnormalities can be associated with many different types of ILD. With the exception of granulomatous pneumonitis, which could not be confidently catogo-rized in subject 15, […]

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Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism

In a follow-up study from the same center, no DVTs were found in the 60 patients who were given either enoxaparin, 20 or 40 mg daily. Another randomized trial failed to detect a difference in VTE rates in 136 major thoracolumbar reconstruction patients who had received prophylaxis with both GCS and either IPC or the VFP. Given the paucity of […]

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Airway Obstruction in Severe COPD

Lung obstruction in emphysema patients is due to the reduction of airway support and the consequent dynamic collapse of airways, particularly during forced exhalation; in emphysema patients, intrinsic airway disease is not present and resistance is entirely expiratory. Severe COPD is a combination of emphysema with varying amounts of chronic bronchitis and bronchospasm. The primary […]

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